Unleashing Advanced Aerobatics with ArduPilot 4.2 and Beyond (2023)

Unlocking a new dimension in remote-controlled aircraft maneuvers, ArduPilot takes scripted aerobatics to exhilarating heights. With capabilities introduced in ArduPlane 4.2 and continuing to evolve, this feature allows for scripted aerobatic sequences through LUA scripts, propelling your RC flying experience to the next level.

Scripted Aerobatics in ArduPilot: A Paradigm Shift

ArduPilot's prowess lies in executing aerobatics seamlessly from LUA scripts. Whether integrated into AUTO mode mission items or activated in various normal flight modes via a transmitter switch and RC channels, the scripted aerobatics feature demands a vehicle tuned for aerobatic flight.

NAV_SCRIPT_TIME: Taking Control with Precision

The cornerstone of scripted aerobatics is the NAV_SCRIPT_TIME waypoint type. This allows a LUA script to dictate roll/pitch/yaw rates for a defined duration. To ensure robust execution, a mandatory parameter sets the maximum script takeover time, guarding against script absence or crashes.

The format of the SCRIPT_TIME item includes essential parameters such as command ID, maximum script duration, and target coordinates. These parameters empower the LUA script to manipulate aspects like roll/loop rates, repeat counts, and segment timings, ushering in a myriad of aerobatic possibilities.

Ensuring Safety and Control

Executing a script during NAV_SCRIPT_TIME is not without safeguards. The ability to interrupt the script by switching modes out of AUTO ensures control resilience. Returning to AUTO mode seamlessly resumes the mission, adding a layer of operational flexibility.

Tip: Prudent mission planning with valid waypoints before and after NAV_SCRIPT_TIME sequences is crucial for establishing a clear path and ensuring sufficient altitude.

Tricks on a Switch: Elevating Aerobatics to New Heights

Beyond AUTO missions, ArduPilot allows LUA scripts to commandeer rate controllers in normal modes like CRUISE or FBWA. Enabling this feature involves specific calls and regular updates to the throttle and attitude rates.

Implementing "Tricks on a Switch"

The real magic happens with "Tricks on a Switch," where an activation switch and a dedicated RC channel bring aerobatic scripts to life. By enabling features and regularly updating target throttle rates, enthusiasts can seamlessly transition between different aerobatic tricks.

User-Friendly Trick Management

Facilitating trick selection and activation involves a small control script monitoring RC channels. With individual scripts for up to 10 tricks, users can easily exchange and customize maneuvers, fostering a vibrant community of aerobatic enthusiasts.

Setting Up Example Tricks on a Switch Scripts

To embark on your aerobatic journey, meticulous setup is paramount. From autotuning your plane for aerobatics in ACRO mode to enabling scripting on a compatible autopilot, each step contributes to a flawless execution.

Fine-Tuning for Precision Aerobatics

While ArduPilot's Autotune provides a stable PID tune, optimizing for precision aerobatics requires additional considerations. The guide delves into the nuances, offering insights for achieving a tight tune suited to advanced maneuvers.

Conclusion: Soar to New Heights with ArduPilot's Scripted Aerobatics

ArduPilot's scripted aerobatics feature isn't just a capability; it's an invitation to push the boundaries of RC flight. By seamlessly integrating LUA scripts and enabling Tricks on a Switch, ArduPilot empowers enthusiasts to craft aerial spectacles limited only by their imagination. Elevate your aerobatic experience—embrace the power of ArduPilot 4.2 and beyond.


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