Mastering LinkedIn Recruiter Search Filters for Efficient Employee Recruitment (2023)

In the fast-paced world of hiring, finding the perfect candidate who seamlessly fits into your company culture and possesses the requisite skills is a challenge. LinkedIn, being the unrivaled professional networking platform, emerges as the go-to resource for savvy hiring managers. With 810 million users, the question is, how do you navigate this vast pool to identify the right employees? The answer lies in harnessing the power of LinkedIn Recruiter Search Filters.

Understanding LinkedIn Recruiter

LinkedIn Recruiter, tailored for hiring managers, offers a streamlined approach to recruitment. This feature empowers HR professionals to post jobs, manage candidate pipelines, and explore potential hires through a myriad of filters such as skills, job titles, and education levels.

Subscription Plans

LinkedIn offers three distinct subscription plans - Lite, Professional, and Corporate, catering to the diverse needs of businesses. The Lite version is ideal for individuals in small to medium-sized businesses, the Professional plan targets medium to large companies, and the Corporate plan is designed for large enterprises with high-volume hiring needs.

Feature Comparison

  • LinkedIn Network Access:

    • Lite: 3rd-degree connections only
    • Professional: 3rd-degree connections, with 30 out-of-network profiles per month
    • Corporate: Access to the entire network
  • Search Filters:

    • Lite: 20+ filters available
    • Professional: 40+ filters available
    • Corporate: 40+ filters available
  • Spotlights Filters:

    • Lite: No
    • Professional: Yes
    • Corporate: Yes
  • Open To Contract Work Filter:

    • Lite: No
    • Professional: Yes
    • Corporate: Yes
  • Skill Assessment Filter:

    • Lite: No
    • Professional: Yes
    • Corporate: Yes
  • Candidate And Company Insight:

    • Lite: No
    • Professional: Yes
    • Corporate: Yes
  • InMail Messages Per Month:

    • Lite: 30
    • Professional: 100
    • Corporate: 150
  • Reports:

    • Lite: Jobs and InMails
    • Professional: Jobs, InMails, Usage, Pipeline
    • Corporate: Jobs, InMails, Usage, Pipeline
  • LinkedIn Recruiter Price:

    • Lite: $140/month
    • Professional: Must contact LinkedIn Support
    • Corporate: Must contact LinkedIn Support

Leveraging LinkedIn Recruiter Search Filters

Creating a LinkedIn Recruiter Project

When initiating your hiring journey on LinkedIn Recruiter, the first step is to create a project. This serves as a centralized hub to organize candidates, research, and messages. Navigate to the Project tab, click Create New, fill in project details, and proceed to the Project dashboard. Here, under the Talent Pool tab, you'll unearth the treasure trove of LinkedIn Recruiter search filters.

LinkedIn Recruiter Sidebar Search Filters

Job Titles

The Job Titles filter allows precision in targeting candidates based on their job titles. Use Boolean Search for a nuanced approach. For example:

(Software Engineer) OR (.NET Developer) NOT (JavaScript Developer) NOT (Java Developer)


Geographic relevance matters. The Locations filter refines candidates based on regions, offering additional features like open to relocating.

Workplace Types

Understand candidates' workplace preferences with On-site, Remote, or Hybrid options, derived from their Open To Work preferences.

Skills and Assessments

Specify the skills required for the job, and LinkedIn will present potential candidates matching those skills. Boolean Search works here too.


Filter candidates based on specific companies and their tenure (Current, Past, Current or Past, Past not Current). Employ Boolean Search for precision.

Schools and Year of Graduation

Segment candidates based on their alma mater and graduation year, crucial factors in certain hires.

Industries and Keywords

Fine-tune your search using Industries, and broaden it with Keywords, using Boolean Search for intricate queries.

LinkedIn Recruiter Advanced Search Filters

For subscribers of LinkedIn Sales Navigator or Recruiter, advanced filters offer more refined options.

Candidate Details Filters

Postal/Zip Code

Extend location filtering with precision, zeroing in on candidates based on proximity to specific areas.

Profile Languages

Filter based on the language used in a candidate's profile, an invaluable tool for global talent acquisition.

Recently Joined LinkedIn

Target fresh talent by narrowing results to candidates who joined LinkedIn within the past three months.

First and Last Name Filters

A handy tool to find a connection when names escape memory, especially post-event networking.

Network Relationships

Refine searches based on network connections - 1st, 2nd, 3rd-degree connections, or group members.

Education and Experience Filters

Years of Experience

Search for candidates based on their experience, specifying the range or a specific number of years.

Military Veterans

Identify candidates with a background in the U.S. military, tapping into a valuable talent pool.


Filter candidates based on their seniority level in the current company, derived from job titles.

Company Filters

Current Companies, Past Companies, and Company Sizes

Narrow down candidates based on their current and past companies, or the size of the companies they've worked for.

Job Functions

Understand a candidate's area of expertise by exploring their current and past job functions.

Additional Hacks to Maximize LinkedIn Recruiter

1 Recommended Matches

Unlock LinkedIn's "Recommended Matches" feature, offering tailored candidate recommendations based on your search activity.

2 Expand Your Network

Leverage your network to its fullest potential. Expand your reach and connect with candidates previously outside your network.

3 Use LinkedIn InMails

Harness the power of InMail messages to connect with 2nd or 3rd-degree connections, increasing the likelihood of a response.

Streamlining Outreach with Skylead

The recruitment process doesn't end with identifying potential hires. Efficient outreach is vital, and tools like Skylead can be a game-changer.

Skylead Campaign Creation

  1. Select the candidate source from LinkedIn Recruiter or Recruiter Lite.
  2. Confirm the Network Degree connection type both in Skylead and LinkedIn Recruiter.
  3. Choose the campaign type and insert the campaign name in Skylead.
  4. Paste the URL link of your LinkedIn search into the Campaign URL field.
  5. Create Smart Sequences for multichannel outreach.

Why Skylead?

Skylead simplifies outreach by automating campaigns, allowing you to focus on crucial tasks. With Smart Sequences, it adapts to candidate behavior, ensuring a personalized and effective outreach strategy.

In Conclusion

LinkedIn Recruiter, armed with an array of search filters, is a potent tool for finding the right employees. Whether you opt for Recruiter Lite or explore advanced filters, precision is key. Enhance your recruitment strategy by incorporating Skylead for seamless outreach, bringing you one step closer to building your dream team. Explore the possibilities, unlock the full potential of LinkedIn Recruiter, and revolutionize your hiring process.


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